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Afmetingen (l,b,h) 56 x 83 x 56 cm

Orchestrale Phonica

Phonica is a professional espresso machine,  dedicated to Ray Charles' life, with its design, that recalls the shape of the microphones of an unforgettable epoch, Phonica wants to be a tribute to those big and unrepeatable voices of the XXth century, that will always remain in the history of music. 

Phonica is a coffee and cappuccino machine available in the automatic and semiautomatic versions with normal and raised E61 groups (1 gr., 2 gr. compact, 2 gr., 3 gr.) available with programmable portion control(only the automatics), dual gauges for boiler and pump pressure control , boiler and pipes of copper, pipes fittings of brass, frame of pure polished and satined stainless steel AISI 304 finished of methalcrylate. 

Phonica is also available with different colours frames …even with satin steel sides and back panel, or with steel painted white matt or black matt.
Moreover you can have it with different colour methacrylates: black, white, green, red, yellow, orange, blue and violet, silver mirror, gold mirror.

Orchestrale S.r.l. TREVISO (ITALIA)

Dear Friends,

I’d love you to dedicate a minute to read the meaning and the spirit of Orchestrale Logo.

When I was thinking about the design, the features and the brand Logo of our espresso coffee machines, I was sure it had to be dedicated to music.

I love music and when I was a child I played piano and guitar so I dedicated the brand and our espresso coffee machines collection to the music because MUSIC IS A PLACE OF CONNECTION AS COFFEE is becoming all over the World.

That’s one of the reasons why I fell in LOVE with coffee World!

Even though the brand and the design comes from me… I’m not only a creative entrepreneur. I’m first of all a person with a passion for every kind of human expressions: sounds, draws, voices, words, skill, science research and technic!

The “collection spirit” poem I wrote has been inspired by the historical and indivisible bond between the great cultures of coffee and music both in the Italian tradition and all around the World; furthermore my poem wants to pay homage to the music, with a special tribute to the user of espresso coffee machines: I look at them like an orchestra Conductor (Maestro) with his coffee beans notes on the 5 lines stave on his background which are the symphony he has chosen!

Moreover “Strumenti per l’Espresso” means “Instruments for Espresso” because we’d like you to play our coffee machines just like playing musical instruments!

I hope you’ll all love the Orchestrale logo because the feeling I put on it is the same we make on creating our machines.

Marco Breda



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