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Fiorenzato F5

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Fiorenzato F5

Technische specificaties Fiorenzato F5:

Fiorenzato F5 A model = met microschakelaar voor automatische vuldoseerder

  • Fiorenzato F5 A Model = with microswitch for automatic filling doser

  • Fiorenzato F5 T Model = with timer

  • Fiorenzato F5 M Model = with manual switch

Ringmoer micrometrisch maalgraad aanpassing
Lakken: standaard
Vork: standaard
Vermogen: 350 watt
Type maalschijven: platte
Diameter maalschijven: Ø 64 mm
Motor toeren: 1350 / min (50 Hz) - 1550 / min (60 Hz)
Afstelling doseereenheid: 5,5 - 10 g
Inhoud koffiebonencontainer: 1,5 kg
Doseercapaciteit: 250 g gemalen koffie
Nettogewicht: 14 kg
Afmetingen: 230x615x270 mm


A passion for coffee for over eighty years

When twenty-six year old Pietro Fiorenzato founded his own company in Mestre in 1936, he had already gained specific experience collaborating with one of the few coffee grinder-doser factories existing at the time. To his knowledge, he added his passion and a strong inclination to offer, from that moment onwards, the perfect balance of quality and innovation.
His business continued to grow but it was brought to a halt during the Second World War, when his factory was destroyed by bombing. It was certainly tough but Pietro Fiorenzato used all his energies to rebuild the business.
In the following decades, production continued with a focus on high quality, for which the FIORENZATO trademark has always been known.
In 2005, the founder’s two grandsons – Manuel and Christian – decided to bring about a significant change in the company by paying increased attention to research and the application of technology.

Cutting-edge technology for superior performance

The drive towards innovation allowed FIORENZATO to manufacture state-of-the-art products and solutions for all grinding needs in the bar sector.

A good example is the revolutionary Inverter system, with its exclusive company patent, which transfers technology for industrial grinders to ones for bars: the system, made compact to avoid increasing the size of the coffee grinder, ensures absolute precision and consistency for grinding, reducing motor consumption, operating noiselessly and showing exceptional reliability even when in operation for a long time. The easy use and maintenance of our grinder-dosers is well acknowledged. A good example is that the dispensing tube can be extracted to make cleaning operations easier. Coffee dispensing is simple even in poorly lit places: the beam of light emitted from the grinder-doser lights up the area below, allowing the filter holder to be positioned correctly.

Our company’s vocation is to be ahead of the times and the first to offer solutions to meet market needs. We have achieved this also by creating the brand electronic XG and XGR coffee grinder-dosers, the first in the world to use patented technology to adjust grinding in GRAMS, not in seconds like all other cofee grinder-dosers. In addition, with the integrated RFID system, filter holder cups are automatically recognised.

Today we’re proud to announce: now the technology is dedicated to precision in the new XGi “smart” electronic coffee grinders: the dose of coffee becomes a fixed constant that does not change over time! Thanks to the innovative patent of the XGi coffee grinder, the quantity of coffee dispensed, calculated in grams and set only once, will not change, guaranteeing precise doses and avoiding any waste.
An automation system system designed by professionals: this is the decisive turning point for the sector. With this absolutely innovative model, FIORENZATO is ahead of the times, offering the right solutions for the contemporary needs of its customers.

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